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05939 Scepter NATO jerry can (military fuel can) 20L GENERIC Olive Drab with Yellow Strap which notes DIESEL

Capacity: 20L / 5G
Height: 46,5 cm / 18,3"
Lenght: 36,3 cm / 14,3"
Width: 17,5 cm / 6,9"
Weight: 2,59 kg / 5,71 lbs
Color: Olive Drab
Strap: Yellow, which notes DIESEL
Gasket: VITON

Our NATO jerry cans that are GENERIC all come with a Viton gasket so they can accept also petrol even if marked for diesel.

Producer: Scepter Canada Inc.
Producers homepage:
Producers code: 05939

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79,00 €

Adapter base kit for the Scepter Military Fuel Can

SKU: 05381 ,   Qty available in stock: 17
41,95 €

04353 Scepter Military Fuel Can POUR SPOUT 1in. (28mm)

The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC) pour spout was developed by Scepter to fit on both the 20L/5G and 10L/2.5G MFC. This pour spout will empty a full 20L/5G MFC in under one minute. This pour spout is well-suited for filling on-board diesel fuel tanks.

Notable Features:
*Designed to and meets Mil-C-53109, which has evolved to CID A-A-59592A.
*Equipped with a viton ringed gasket
*Can be used for both gasoline and diesel fuel pouring

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Replacement cap for Scepter military water can.

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Replacement cap for Scepter MFC.

Includes Viton gasket.

SKU: 05940 ,   Qty available in stock: 17
24,95 €