Scepter Military Water Can Wrench

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MWC Cap Wrench for Scepter Military Water Cans. Our wrench has been designed with built in wrenches for vent and spout and to be stronger and more durable than alternatives in the market. A stuck or swollen cap is a thing of the past. Our wrench can even remove a cap from a can with stripped threads. Tested for consistent quality and meets or exceeds original specifications. Made from glass-reinforced plastic for longevity and durability. Built in vent and spout wrenches in handle.


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10266 Scepter Military Water Can DISPENSER SPOUT

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04856 Scepter Military Fuel Can POUR SPOUT 3/4" (19mm)

The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC) pour spout was developed by Scepter to fit on both the 20L/5G and 10L/2.5G MFC. This pour spout is well-suited for filling on-board gasoline fuel tanks.

Notable Features:
*Equipped with a viton ringed gasket
*Can be used for both gasoline and diesel fuel pouring


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Replacement cap for Scepter military water can.

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Replacement cap for Scepter MFC. Includes Viton gasket for use with gasoline

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Replacement cap for Scepter MFC. Includes Rubber gasket - Diesel only.

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Used to connect the Scepter MFC to a generator, field cooking system, water filtration unit or similar field equipment, the suction feed adapter was designed for use on both the 5G / 20 L and 2.5G / 10 L miltary fuel can.


  • Auto air vent that opens and seals automatically
  • Viton Gasket
  • Can be used with DIESEL
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