EY13 MELFORM Sauces and Soups Thermos 13,75L Green

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EY13 MELFORM Sauces and Soups Thermos 13,75L Green

MELFORM / THERMAX LINE - Food and beverages delivery containers 

Capacity: 13,75L
Height: 375 mm
Lenght: 430 mm
Width: 240 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Container guaranteed for use: –30° to +85°C.



Isothermal container to transport and serve liquids, with 13,75 litre capacity

- Recommended for transporting and serving sauces and soups. The isothermal characteristics comply with current regulations (EC Reg. 852/2004 – HACCP-) and with applicable technical standards (EN 12571 and Accord AFNOR AC D40-007).
- The container is light and easily stackable.
- Fitted with four support feet, to provide the container with excellent stability during transport.
- Thanks to its excellent isothermal characteristics, it keeps liquids at an optimum storage temperature for a long time.
- It assures proper temperature retention, limiting the risk of bacterial proliferation whilst preserving food quality and organoleptic characteristics.
- Designed to be long lasting: performance remains basically unaltered when reused.
- Fully recyclable at the end of the operating life.
- Produced with rotational moulding technology: the container and the lid have a monolithic structure (no sharp corners, junctions and welds).


Melform insulated containers allow you to organize the transport of hot, cold and frozen products, maintaining the correct temperature, limit the risks of uncontrolled bacterial proliferation and protect the organoleptic properties of food. 

Time savings and maintenance of food quality represent the real added value for professional catering companies. Our containers are produced with the rotational molding technology: the body and the door have a monolithic structure (without edges, joints and welds); they are made in polyethylene suitable for food contact and insulated with CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane foam.

- Temperature under control
- Technology and isothermal quality
- Food quality
- Added value for foodservice
- Stackable
- Dishwasher safe