ESS Crossbow 3LS Kit

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Brand: ESS Ballistic Eyewear
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  • ESS Crossbow 3LS Black
  • Model 740-0387
  • The Crossbow 3LS™ International Retail version features one Crossbow™ frame with three lenses: Clear, Smoke Gray and Hi-Def Yellow.

When you try on the Crossbow, you'll discover it's unlike any other ballistic eyeshield. Experience the Tri-Tech Fit frame that achieves an amazing universal fit with max comfort and zero pressure points. Then notice the lenses. They won't fog. That's thanks to groundbreaking ClearZone FlowCoat technology, engineered to eliminate fog inside and prevent scratches outside. 

As you stare down your objective through distortion-free ESSOPTICS, you'll see just how optically precise vision can be.  When you're ready to switch tints, the innovative DedBolt Lens Lock pivots up for easy release, then clamps down for rock-solid retention under impact. 


As part of the ESS Cross-Series eyeshield platform, all Crossbow components are compatible and fully interchangeable with the ESS Crosshair and ESS Suppressor. For example, you can upgrade a Crosshair to premium Crossbow anti-fog lenses—including ANSI-rated Polarized—or adapt for hearing protection use with the ultra-thin Suppressor frame.  

Important APEL Note for U.S. Military Customers: Only Clear and Smoke Gray lenses and Black frames are approved for use in the U.S. Military.

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