MELFORM EY13 food container 13,75L

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249,00 €
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Code:    EY13

Ext. Dimensions (mm):    240x430x375h

Capacity:             13,75 l

Weight: 4,5 kg


  • Indicated for transport of liquid foods: soups, broths, sauces, etc…
  • Maximum flexibility of use. The content can be:
    • poured directly into the container, to take full advantage of its capacity;
    • poured into the removable internal container for EY 13 (available upon request) for more practical use;
    • poured into a polycarbonate pan GN 1/3 h 200.
  • A removable inner container, fitted with a lid, is available upon request, for more practical use.
  • Fast and easy to fill, thanks to the wide top opening.
  • Lightweight and easy to stack.
  • Content easily identified by the colour of the container.
  • Fitted with four support feet, to provide the container with excellent stability during transport.
  • Thanks to its excellent isothermal characteristics, it keeps liquids at an optimum storage temperature for a long time.
  • It assures proper heat retention, limiting the risk of bacterial proliferation whilst preserving food quality and organoleptic characteristics.
  • The isothermal characteristics comply with current regulations (EC Reg. 852/2004 –HACCP-) and with applicable technical standards (EN12571 and Accord AFNOR AC D40-007).
  • It allows to properly operate in HACCP environment.
  • The materials used for the manufacturing are suitable for food contact over the whole container surface.
  • The unit's design allows accurate cleaning and sanitising (EC Reg. 852/2004 –HACCP-) including using a dishwasher.
  • Designed to be long lasting: performance remains basically unaltered when reused.
  • Environmental impact decidedly smaller than that of disposable containers.
  • Fully recyclable at the end of the operating life.


  • Manufactured using the rotational moulding technology, allowing production of very sturdy objects without sharp edges, joints or welds, whilst assuring highly efficient temperature retention.
  • Characterised by a practical and effective closure system, composed of four stainless steel catches.
  • The lid is fitted with a gasket, to prevent liquid spills and ensure a better temperature retention.
  • Fitted with an adjustable venting valve to allow release of steam and pressure stabilisation inside of the container.
  • Insulated with CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Guaranteed for use at temperatures ranging between –30° and +85°C.