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ESS Crossbow URX Insert

SKU: 740-0411
Brand: ESS Ballistic Eyewear
Unit: pcs
61,00 €

The U-Rx™ Lens Insert (740-0411)


  • U-Rx Carrier - Holds Customized Prescription Lenses
  • ESS CrossSeries Eyeshield Adapter
  • ESS Profile NVG Goggle Adapter
  • Oakley M-Frame Eyeshield Adaper
  • Oakley SI Ballistic Goggle Adapter


The U-Rx™ Prescription Lens Insert was developed to be the most comprehensive and adaptable Rx solution ever made. This universal Rx carrier fits behind your eye pro’s primary lenses thus ensuring that your eye protection's safety standards are uncompromised.

The U-Rx is the first to interchange across brands in a wide variety of ESS and Oakley® ballistic eyeshields and goggles. The U-Rx™ Insert is designed to be used seamlessly with CrossSeries™ Eyeshields, Profile™ NVG Goggle and Influx™ Goggle platforms. It is also compatible with the Oakley® Ballistic M-Frame 2.0 / 3.0 and Oakley® SI Ballistic Goggle.

To identify Rx insert-compatible products, look for the Rx Insert Available symbol or reference the chart on the previous page. This is the Insert Kit Only, it does not include prescription lenses. 

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