ESS Crossbow Lens Polarized

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Brand: ESS Ballistic Eyewear
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  • Crossbow Lens Color Polarized
  • Model 740-0455
  • In the box: ESS Crossbow polarized lens, black Low-Pro Nosepiece, protective flannel sleeve

This Clear replacement lens for the Crossbow® eyeshield is built from extra-thick, 2.4mm high-impact polycarbonate, and features ESSOPTICS™ for distortion-free clarity and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

ESS ClearZone™ FlowCoat technology is engineered to eliminate fog inside the lens and prevent scratches outside. The Crossbow's DedBolt Lens Lock system allows for rapid lens interchange.  

Crossbow® replacement lenses are available in Clear, Smoke Gray, in Hi-Def Yellow, Hi-Def Copper, Hi-Def Bronze, Polarized Gray and Laser Protective (LPL). 

Crossbow® replacement lenses are compatible with both Crossbow Tri-Tech Fit™ frames (for normal use) and Crossbow Suppressor™ frames (for use with ear cup hearing protection and communications gear).

All Crossbow® replacement lenses include a black Low-Pro Nosepiece and a protective flannel sleeve. 


As part of the ESS Cross-Series ™ eyeshield platform, all Crossbow® components are compatible and fully interchangeable with the ESS Crosshair™ and ESS Suppressor ™.  For example, you can upgrade a Crosshair™ to premium Crossbow® anti-fog lenses--including ANSI-rated Polarized--or adapt for hearing protection use with the ultra-thin Suppressor™ frame.  

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