10859 Scepter Military Water Can (MWC) 20L Sand (Arabic & English)

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10859 Scepter Military Water Can (MWC) 20L Sand (Arabic & English)


- NATO codified in 5+ countries, but deployed in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Denmark, Luxemburg, Norway, UAE, Australia, and many more countries
- The first Military Water Can ever produced in the world
- Been in service since the 1960’s with Canada and US
- Designed and produced to military specifications MIL-DTL-43613E and CF-C-693
- Made of FDA approved materials
- BPA free
- Large mouth for filling and emptying quickly
- Small pour cap for precision pouring
- Vent built in to cap assembly for smooth pouring
- Pouring dispenser available
- Locking tab to ensure cap does not loosen during transport
- Plastic tether securing cap to can
- No rust because all components are plastic
- Able to add unique inserts into the moulds to identify ownership
- Headspace so container will float when full
- Green, Black, Sand, Desert Sand, Blue, or Drab colours available
- Operating temperature of material is -32C to +60C

Scepter Military Water Canisters

Scepter's Military Water Canister (MWC) is engineered and produced to military specifications and are codified by many nations globally.

The MWC comes in two versions, 20 litre (5 gal.) and 10 litre (2.5 gal.).

Each MWC has a unic, integrated single handle that, in the dark, prevents mistaking it for the three handled MFC.

Scepter's MWCs are supplied to military armed forces around the world as accessories on OEM vehicles and for OEM military auxiliary equipment and systems.

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